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Nichia OptisolisTM Ultra-High CRI

http://www.FutureLightingSolutions.com/Nichia . Nichia Optisolis Ultra-High CRI . https://youtu.be/FcA34eOwvQk



Nichia Color Version of Direct Mountable Chip Series

http://www.FutureLightingSolutions.com/Nichia . Color Version of Direct Mountable Chip Series by Nichia . https://youtu.be/qxFYvqCFpX8


Nichia’s Direct Mountable Chip E21A, DMC E21A

http://www.FutureLightingSolutions.com/Nichia. Nichia’s DMC E21A is the technology of the future. Nichia’s Direct Mountable Chip, E21A, is a packageless LED suited for use in outdoor and indoor applications. https://youtu.be/cNNvi1TX-hA