PDL Project: Driving a DC Motor with S6E2GM (FM4)

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/campaign/cypress/Pages/index.aspx . This video shows, how to do a simple motor spinning demo using the FM4 platform (S6E2GM) and the PDL library. The video configures the PDL, Initializes the Peripheral and Enables the peripheral using the API functions. https://youtu.be/G5Z2r2ZgzjE

How to Use the Code Examples from Cypress Peripheral Drivers Library

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/campaign/cypress/Pages/index.aspx . This video shows how you can use the code examples from the PDL and what steps to take in order to take full advantage of them. The video goes over how to configure the PDL, configure the peripheral and get stated with the API function call. https://youtu.be/XHHHPkZ2B4M

Introduction to Cypress’s Peripheral Drivers Library PDL

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/campaign/cypress/Pages/index.aspx . This video is an introduction to the Peripheral Driver Library (PDL), where to get it, what the PDL consists of and how it works and how to get started with it using Cypress’ FM Portfolio. https://youtu.be/5h4iQBi5VGA

Convergia Networks


https://www.convergia.ca/ . Convergia, founded in 1998, is an international service provider and technology integrator, offering Internet, Data, Networking, Cloud Services, Voice, Mobility, Hardware, Value Added Services & Professional Solutions for business and wholesale customers. https://vimeo.com/187662440

Cypress IoT Memory: Power Snooze SRAM

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/campaign/cypress/Pages/index.aspx . Cypress’s Power Snooze SRAM is the ideal memory solution for today’s industrial applications and IoT systems. It is the only asynchronous SRAM available in the world today that can operate at access speeds of 10 ns (100 MHz), while drawing sleep currents of 2 uA / Mbit, thereby solving the speed-power conundrum all systems face. https://youtu.be/LrTtFq8q_Jk

Cypress PSoC Analog Coprocessor Sensing Demo

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/Search.aspx?dsNav=Ntk:PartNumberSearch%7cpsoc%7c1%7c,Ny:True,Ro:0,Nea:True,N:4294938421 . This video shows the demonstration platform of the PSoC Analog Coprocessor used in tradeshows during 2016 such as Electronica and Maker Faires. The demo acquires data from onboard sensors and displays the data graphically via a computer user interface.   https://youtu.be/AmlCSHvM4ok

Cypress PSoC 5LP Bluetooth Quadcopter, A Minidrone Demo

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/Search.aspx?dsNav=Ntk:PartNumberSearch%7cpsoc%7c1%7c,Ny:True,Ro:0,Nea:True,N:4294938421 . This video demonstrates the implementation of a BLE enabled Quadcopter. The video explains the Cypress products used and the basic functionality. The video ends with a quick demonstration. https://youtu.be/_bAIaWCGe3A