Nichia Webinar: The Realities of LM-80 / TM-21 . webinar on The Realities of LM-80 / TM-21 & Setting False Lifetime Expectations in collaboration.



NXP’s Near Field Communication (NFC)*NT3H211*%7c1%7c,Ny:True,Nea:True . In today’s video, I’m going to give you an update and more importantly, how we can use NFC in real life applications.


CUI’s High Density AC-DC Power Supplies,Ny:True,Ro:0,Nea:True,N:4294874432-573-4294928497-4294927888-4294880381 . CUI’s Power Group has introduced a new series of six open frame ac-dc power supply ranging from 180W to 550W.The VOF-275, VOF-300, VOF-350, and VOF-550 series are rated at 275 W, 300W, 350 W, and 550 W respectively.


Lumileds’ LUXEON SunPlus Series LEDs for Horticulture,Ny:True,Ro:0,Nea:True,N:4294880381 . Horticulture involves producing plants for food or non-food by using art, science and technology. Crops such as herbs and leafy greens are increasingly being planted in vertical farms as this allows year-round crop production, reduces use of fossil fuels and makes use of abandoned buildings!


Microchip MCP603X Family Of Operational Amplifiers . The MCP603X family of operational amplifiers is fabricated using Microchip’s low power CMOS technology. The low operating voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V and current consumption below 1 uA makes these devices ideal for battery-powered applications. These amplifiers are trimmed in packaging using non-volatile memory.


Melexis MLX92292, The Magnetic Latch/Switch Sensor for High Demanding Safety Applications*mlx92292*%7c1%7c,Ny:True,Nea:True . The Melexis MLX92292 latch/switch sensor represents a whole new way of sensing. It’s the first chip designed with the Triaxis technology (lateral sensing) and the very first switch on the market with ASIL-B readiness, combined with MicroPower.


Melexis MLX81106/08/12 LIN RGB LED Driver for Automotive Ambient Lighting . The Melexis MLX81106/08/12 is a fully integrated LIN slave IC for driving LIN RGB LEDs as well as other low end LIN slave applications in an automotive environment. This demo gives more technical details on the single chip RGB LED control and explains its main applications.