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Abracon AX7 ClearClock™ . Abracon Power-Optimized ClearClock™ 120fs Oscillators for Communications, Networking, RF, Storage and Servers.



Abracon IoT Optimized Quartz Crystals . Abracon introduces next generation quartz crystals optimized for IoT applications. Upgrade your IoT system design with the lowest CL and lowest ESR crystals available on the market, perfect for energy saving MCUs and RF chip sets.


Abracon Antennas Engineered for the IoT . Abracon Antennas designed for connectivity in the IoT. Supporting 4G, GPS, LPWA, LoRaWAN, WiFi, & GSM, our antennas connect you to the future.


Melexis New Miniature SMD Infrared Thermometer IC (MLX90632)–sensors–specialized-sensors/mlx90632sld-bcb-000-sp-melexis-9093328 The Melexis MLX90632 is a miniature SMD thermometer IC for accurate non-contact temperature measurement, especially in thermally dynamic environments and when available space is limited.


NXP NFC Keychain – Just Tap It . A quick minute to walk you through our newest NFC demo. Our system design center created the Tap it keychain to demonstrate how simple it is to work with NXP Semiconductor’s LPC8N04, which is a cost-effective MCU with an integrated NFC tag.


Cypress: PSoC 6 101: Lesson 2-4a Basic Kill Switch Implementation . In lesson 2-4a, Alan Hawse will walk you through how to implement a “Kill Switch” by adding custom digital logic using the digital logic components in PSoC Creator


Cypress: Cypress: PSoC 6 101: Lesson 2-3b Implementing I2C into BLE Controlled Robotic Arm . In lesson 2-3b, Alan Hawse will walk you through how to implement the I2C component into the BLE Controlled Robotic Arm project to montior the position of the servos.